Honest Hearts

Was I the only one who found this DLC really lame? Not only was it short but the plot was dumb.


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Ya i agree it didn't really make any sense, it was very repetitive and didnt really include anything good. It also looks nothing like fallout and yes i do get that they were in a canyon shielded from nuclear blasts.

I loved this one. Unlike Dead money, Honest Hearts feels like one I'll actually go back and play for a second time.

I loved Honest Heart but i think DM was better IMO.

maybe, i liked HH.

2 bears high fiving is awesome(look it up). then you trip balls and fight a giant mutated bear...that's funnier than most of the things that happen in the entire game...

JG's armor makes it worth it. the M1911 in .45 instead of 9mm and the Thompson .45 instead of Thompson laser rifle

is so much better than default game's weapons.

She's paw is worth it, and you can sell it for a G.

I liked it and thought it was worth the $10 worth of MS points. The loot at the end is some cool stuff too. As for the plot, yeah maybe a little bit shallow in that area. I didnt like all the damned preaching Danial and Joshua liked to do.