Honest hearts problem

Well from what I can see people everywhere are having problems with this particular DLC but, none that I read with my particular so I figured I would see if someone can point me in the right direction.  Donwloaded it last night, met up with the team.  Started it, got the achievement for going to Zion.  Listened to the story that was told by Jed.  Come out of the loading screen, cant move or do anything at all!  The game however is not frozen as the NPC's are swaying in unison but, not running around.  The only one who can move is Jed.  He runs a bit and then stops.  That is all it is doing.  I tried reloading it a few times and it always does the same thing.  So essentially I can get to Zion but, cant move or do a thing besides spin around in a circle and crouch.  Can someone help me out with some links or a solution possibly.  Thanks for your time.


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you might be screwed but try clearing the cache and reinstalling the dlc.

they should be talking but if it doesn't work you may have to start up a new character

are you killing the white legs? you have to kill them to move on, even though it says it's optional.

their going to die anyway so why bother speeding up their death. The longer you let them stand still, the longer theyll be able to live their lives.

My character was locked into place for about 2-3 minutes as Jed gave a pep talk. I could turn and look but couldn't walk. Dumb question but are you sure you are waiting long enough for the game to allow you to move again?