Honest Hearts and Dead Money Opinions

I'm quite annoyed by both the game add-ons. Dead Money was seriously boring for me as the atmosphere was dull and dark it just made me want to get out of there as fast as possible. That collar and the high pitch radios really was a challenge and frustrated me along the way and I think it was a silly idea. Honest Hearts was really good and I did enjoy it a lot, but it was too short. It took me under 2 hours to complete which brought me to a huge disapointment. The next DLC better make up for these two. What is your thoughts and opinions on these DLC's?

Fallout is the best game ever. Always will be.


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So DM was a silly idea becasue was frustrating to you. That was the point of the DLC to be frustrating , to make you think instead of make you go running all the way ala rambo. I am sure that if DM were too easy there would have complaints about the DLC for that...the devs make a challenge and the gamers that can't deal with it talk crap about it for not be so easy. gamers gamers...

I said post your own thoughts on opinions on the DLC's not post thoughts and opinions on my thoughts and opinions. I can handle it and I did handle it. I didn't like Dead Money because the atmosphere, collar and the enemies were not my cup of tea. READ MY POSTS PROPERLY NEXT TIME.

LOL, You're only going to keep being disappointed every time you buy DLC.

Just finished up Dead Money and was not impressed. Luckily I got it for only 400 microsoft points.

DM reminds me bioshock, the atmosphere, combats, and plots... I really like it.

HH is just too easy and short. One good thing about HH is that you can come back later to take everything back to your home~

Only thing I liked about DM were the new weapons like the Police Pistol and especially the Automatic Rifle (BAR); I didn't care much for the Gold Bars as they just take up room in my inventory. I enjoyed Honest Hearts also for the new weapons but also because I thought the landscape was beautiful; the red rocks, trees that actually had leaves on them as well as swimming in a river without slowly becoming irradiated. I guess I'm just easy to please, lol.

I also love the fact that they have made it possible to swim around underwater for as long as you want with the right gear.  Now if only they'd put anything in the water worth finding.