Hole in GRFS

Ok, I'm sure there some technical term or reason for what I just experienced while playing the game in campaign mode on Elite. I can't remember the exact mission, but I just rescued a guy from some badies and after bringing him out and extracting him to the chopper I had to go find his vehicle. I ended up in this little town, mostly shacks, and as I was ran to my next cover location and pressed A to attach to it, I fell in like a hole. Literally. I could see the bottom of everything above me, cars, telephone poles, the shacks, trees and enemies...but I could not get out. I was completely stuck there. I've never seen anything like it and i've played a lot of games. I took a few pictures of it and if i can figure out how to post them here I will. Not sure if anyone else had that experience. Very strange for me, so thought I'd check the community to see if anyone else was exposed to that in this game. Bottom line....had to reload to the last check point to proceed....funny thing is when i tried to recreate the experience it did'nt work. Strange.  


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Ive seen it in MP acouple of times

I had it happen to me in MP when I spawned on someone ( once ) and I have been killed by someone that had done this ( twice ). But not during the campaign...so far.

I've seen it in co-op campaign before. It's actually a pretty common bug in a lot of games.