Holding on to legendaries?

Is there any incentive to holding onto legendaries and not identifying them? If you do hold them, will they scale to your level when you do identify them? Or should you just do it when you get them?

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they rolol stats on the drop, not the unid. also I noticed u r unable to trade unid legends, so really no benefit at all to not iding them

you cant sell the unid? that's bs. takes the gamble out of things.... sigh

Well technically, you CAN trade them, if you drop it on the ground, the other person can pick it up.

The drop ability is awesome. anytime my brother's monk needs something I accidently picked up...Wham all set again. Diablo 3 is great like that.

Yes you can in fact drop an unidentified legendary.

is it normal for any character to just be able to ID legendaries, from their inventory?


I was using my WD last night when I found one, figured maybe it was a perk of the class, considering his primary stat is intel & all.


the previous legendary I found I was playing my DH, & I'm pretty sure I had to ID it from a store in new tristram. I cant seem to remember exactly.

ok, u drop the leg unid, so does the person pay b4 u drop or what? is everyone just gonna start trusting ppl? not gonna work based on how many diablo 3 scams there still are on the pc version.