Hoarder Achievment IMPOSSIBLE?

 I have all the other collectables. The one left says it is in Act 5, Black Out, in the safe. I have gone to this safe twice now, and both times there is nothing but books in the safe. Whereas online I've seen that the SCHEMATICS I am missing are the first thing you see when it opens :( I've played it alone & with people. They already have the item so they wouldnt see it anyways, but it is definitely not there :( Is this a common problem? I didn't see anything about it when I hit up google. Very annoyed right now :(


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Is this the one in Adam Fenix's office?  Sorry my memory is a bit fuzzy.  If so, I remember you have to get it before talking to Adam.  Nice GT by the way!

I concur.....Ink it up diva!

I didn't have a problem, but that was a long time ago. You did press the red button on the desk didn't you?

I had done the campaign before and missed it, so we went back in to do it. I pressed the red button, the painting swung open, I walked over & opened the safe and all I saw were some old books piled up, no shiny collectable like you can see in screen shots on line detailing where to find it :( I had my hubby join & we started that Act & chapter over again.  Since he hadn't done it yet, we figured someone else could see & get it then it would count but same thing happened, nothing but books. I'm wondering if maybe it's my game/console, but no one else I know has not gotten it yet to try out the theory

It doesn't shine like the rest of them. Just open the painting and then open.the safe. When you're close, just hold down x like you would any other item



What.a.****.   Thank you, i will give it a try..I didn't see the prompt near the safe so did not even think to try it *sigh*