Hmmm do you think Werebears will be in Dawnguard or possibly saved for another DLC?

I've heard Werebears was another feature that was meant to be in Skyrim but was removed just like the Vampire Lord which is now coming out in Dawnguard. I know Bethesda must be planning something with Werebears because I ran into Maiq the Liar who told me about them! lol.


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They will more than likely be in it.  This is a huge spoiler that has been going around the Bethesda forums since the DLC was opened to beta testers.  They locked and deleted several threads talking about them, and finally just gave in and left one open.  I didn't read through any of it, as it was 5 pages long when I first saw it, and I didn't want to spoil anything for myself.  But, yeah, it's 99% certain they will be in it.


Here's a link to the thread, in case anyone wants to read it.  It may or may not contain some pretty massive spoilers, as I said, I have only read the title to the thread.  

It is confirmed that there is a way to re contract lycanthropy. No one is sure how but wild werewolves would be a welcome addition.