Hjerim or Raven Rock?

I downloaded Dragonborn, but haven't started it yet. I saw a video that showed the house you can get & was wondering if people thought it was better than Hjerim (what I consider the best house in the game). I have Hearthfire, but consider living in its houses more trouble than it's worth -- lack of security, buggy displays & unbearable load screens being the main factors. - So, is the Raven Rock house as cool as it looks or should I stick to Hjerim? Also, one of the things I dig about living in Windhelm is the number of merchants & how convenient it is to sell loot, so I was wondering how the merchant situation is in RR. - Cheers!

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Its the best house in the game besides the Hearthfire ones. There are a few merchants there but definitely not as many as in Windhelm.

I found the Hearthfire homes underwhelming. I don't like how you have to choose 1 of 3 styles per wing as opposed to just choosing 3 wings: I can't have a library AND an armory? Lame. But, I'm hearing there's a lot of bugs w/ Serverin Manor, so I'm iffy... especially considering I have a wife, 2 kids, a dog & a rabbit & fams can't move there.