Hit detection needs sorting out and the age old problem of lag.

I know this game has only just come out but the hit detection is really bad. I know most of the people who made MW2 no longer work at Infinity Ward but when are they going to get a grip and release a game that works as it should. Over the past few COD's I am sick to death of shooting someone for them to turn round and shoot me with a couple of bullets. Then in the killcam I am not even shooting. If I did not shoot him why did he turn round and start shooting me. I also love the players who run at you while you are shooting down the sight and getting hits and then they stab you. If they can sort out the lag and hit detection this game would be a lot better. Sometimes I am on the other side of the coin my bullets kill in seconds and people cannot seem to kill me. I cannot see Activision ever spending the money to improve the game while it sells like it does but unless they do something this franchise will die sooner than later.


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I get that often too. But we all know they'll never spend money on better servers. No game on the Xbox has perfect lag free gameplay though. This type of game you just notice it more. I've noticed it in every Call Of Duty title that I have personally played.

I get this alot aswell, especially when I use the M4A1. I can fire a whole clip and get all hitmarkers and no kill and then they fire 2 bullets and I die. It is incredibly broken, I very rarely get a time when I can sponge alot of bullets and kill someone in very little. I have also noticed it in all Call of Dutys.

Yeah even with a 4 green bar connection against another 4 green bar there usually is around half a second difference. I wasn't as bad with max bars with the previous Call Of Duty titles though but maybe it will get better when the servers aren't as overloaded. M4A1 is my most used gun but it still takes 4-5 bullets to kill someone and it takes 2 shots in the toe to kill me, haha.

do you think its got something to do with no stopping power, its only been happening since the took it out..(black ops and this game)

ya, I'm at the point where I can't play online shooters anymore.  Too much lag and I don't understand why this type of technology hasn't advanced at all in the past 15 years and every single other type of technology has advanced greatly in that time.  I need to just stick to single player games.

maybe its because there are zillions playing it

Yeah it's really bad in this game. The hit boxes are really big, for example if you are standing next to a teammate and he gets shot first, and then you second, you die faster because the hit boxes are overlapping. So the damage he gets you get also. Watch a few replays and you will see what I mean.

This mixed with the awful lag compensation they added makes it even worse. Getting shot way around corners etc. I personally think that the lag compensation makes this games on-line play more of a game of chance then skill.

If you have a really good connection you are penalized for that, while the folks with a bad connection are given "compensation" for their crappy service.

Its all about selling this game, and service to the masses..That's fine, but when you sacrifice quality of a product just to make more money, that's not cool...

i got this game for my son today for his birthday and im so happy i decided to stick with BATTLEFIELD 3 this year it realy is the worst cod game ever online i might play the campaign for the acheivments but i realy dont want this game on my gamercard.

i like shotting people in the feet and getting headshots lol