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Was playing lastnight and some guy rank 7 had only 10 kills but his score was over 8k.......how do they get there xp so high? i understand healing and stuff but there must be something else?


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Were you playing Rush or Conquest? You get points for going for objectives. Also, if he obtained a ribbon in the match, sometimes you get 2000 xp (100 kills with a weapon).

Was it conquest? you can get a lot of points for catching flags (450 if the enemy alreay had it). Healing, ammo supply, supression, spawn point etc can all count. 8k does seem high for a low kill count so I would not expect to see it too often. I personally get a lot of vehicle disables and destroys but not often the kill/s.

I dont know if extra xp gets added onto the scoreboard score or after the match? But i got 1 kill and had 5 deaths last night and scored over 4000 points (on the scoreboard before extras) , battlefield isnt all about the K/D ratio is good that way , promotes teamwork and going for the flags/mcoms

It will of been objectives. Get your MVP cheevos by camping objectives and defending them. Its far easier to reach 1st place by doing the mission rather than running and gunning.

Marking the objective (aim at flag/MCOM while over 100m away and press select, a diamond effect should appear around the flag name) can increase your score quite a bit, you get double points for resupplying/healing and extra points for defence and kills while in the flags radius (when it centers itself annoyingly on your screen).


You have to mark the objective from a good distance away and it can be kind of glitchy whether it wants to do it or not.