High XP counts not sticking

So I play a game, rank up, but then when I get back to the lobby I notice that my rank didn't stay. So far I've only noticed it when I get a high XP count, but that may just be because that's when there's the greatest opportunity to notice it. This has happened to me several times on my trek to 20/80. However, I have only noticed one or two instances per prestige.


Right now I'm working my way through 20th and as such I'm paying more attention to my number. I've been dropped back 3 times in the last 5 games and it's really frustrating. All those challenges and more annoyingly all of that double XP time has been robbed.


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Well you can thank boosters for that they put a XP cap on how much xp you can earn during a match go over the set number and no XP for you .

No, I won't thank the boosters. I will blame the idiots at IW. I couldn't care less about boosters as long as they don't affect my games. Their anti-boosting measures are much more annoying.

@Jagriff: *facepalm* I'm pleased to report that your stance on boosting is in the minority. Also, there was a similar if not tougher stance on this with Black Ops.

I'm also curious to know why you would upload game clips of boosters if you're seemingly ok with them.

Just a heads up: I think the threshold is 70,000 XP per game. I just had a game with just under that and was able to keep my rank.


@DFlannagan10: I don't care about people boosting for XP as long as they don't affect my game. I'm also certain that this is the majority opinion. I never noticed any problems in Black Ops with my XP not counting. They did have some sort of auto-detection measures that resulted in me getting a temporary ban at one point, but they were quick to unban me and apologize for the inconvenience.


It is plain stupid to punish people that do good in hopes that you will prevent people from boosting. I fall on the side of those that would say that "I'd rather see 100 boosters go undetected than 1 legit player punished".


I uploaded game clips of boosters because they were ruining my game. I even told the guys that if they would have gotten in a lobby by themselves (two parties of 6), then I wouldn't give a darn about what they did. The intrusion by IW's XP drop has been much more annoying than that one experience with boosters that I've had on MW3.

I think your pro cheating stance (well...it's certainly not anti cheating) is reflected in the bar of shame that lies on your Xbox LIVE profile..but without going off topic, I think it should max the XP out at a certain level before stopping you from earning anymore in that game. Boosting demeans the time and effort that others put into the game is is something that many think very negatively of. If the XP cap hinders a boosters progress, then to me, that's a very good thing.

Haha at your reference to my account. Anyone who's been a regular here long enough will get a kick out of that :)


I'm not pro-cheating; I'm not pro-ruining-everyone's-game-in-hopes-to-flush-out-the-cheaters either. My time is better spent not worrying about what others are doing in an online video game. Again, I will say that I'm in the majority. Most people don't care about what others are doing as long as their game is not being ruined. Yeah, a few people do get mad that some just ease their way to the max rank, but most wouldn't even know of the cheaters if they didn't ruin their own game. Of course those few are the ones that get vocal about everything, so IW implements a line of code to their game to satisfy a vocal minority. Instead of the boosters ruining my game, I have silly enforcement policies doing it.


How about this? Since there is an enforcement team, why doesn't IW just flag people that consistently pass some threshold? Then, before any punishment is put forth, why doesn't said enforcement team ensure that said flagged player was actually cheating through the use of Theater Mode? Wasn't that one of main reasons for introducing Theater Mode? That seems like it's much better than a one-size-fits-all punishment imposed on the entire MW3 community. Not only would it prevent situations like mine, it would also allow IW to put forth much stricter punishments than a wasted 10 minutes. At the very least a system could be in place so that IW could return stolen XP to players on request (after verification of course).


But, to save your words, I will answer my own points. IW doesn't want to put forth the extra time and effort only to satisfy a few of the talented gamers. Most of their fans won't even get close to the threshold and that's where the money lies. Instead of implementing a more efficient enforcement system, they would be much better off spending that time and money to add silly non-gameplay elements to the game to attract more unskilled gamers.

Just got robbed of another 80k XP. I'm sure glad that MW3 is booster free!

You should make the IW Online Services Manager (@dra1nag3 on twitter) aware of this feedback for their next project. :)

I have a philosophy when it comes to cheating: Don't do it. This includes (but is not limited to) boosting, glitching, hacking, modding, or lag-switching. Overall, if it affects the outcome of a match unfairly or ruins the fun of another player, then it's not allowed. I frown on players who share how to use cheats or glitches because it promotes cheating. Naturally, this goes against my philosophy - I want fewer cheaters in the world, not more. However, if the cheat is built into the game (& is actually meant to be there) & doesn't break the above rules, then I'm okay with it - Grand Theft Auto 4's single-player cheat codes, for example, are fine by me.


As for boosting, I do consider it a form of cheating. Here's why:

- as previously mentioned, it undermines the importance of stats for everyone else who works at it legitimately.

- if boosting using a tactical insertion with the help of a "friendly enemy" you're inflating the game's score unfairly for others.

- if spawn-killing, you're boosting your k/d ratio while simultaneously preventing the other team from completing an objective & keeping them from having ANY fun whatsoever.

- ignoring objectives in certain gametypes in order to get easy kills means that you're not playing the game the way it's meant to be played.


If you can, take the time to look at my bio & compare it to Jagriff's. It's entirely different than his. There's a reason I've been an Xbox Live member since the original Xbox - I know how to play fair & make sure that everyone has fun, not just me. That's the reason I have an entire community that follows me & plays with me regularly. They know that I will not take advantage of them like other players will. In the case of Xbox Live's policies, they are not a joke - it actually works (Jagriff's profile is proof of that). The saying that "nice guys finish last" does NOT apply on Xbox Live; if anything the reverse is true. Cheaters will never prosper...

-What they ought to do is make the stats personal, so they only appear to you.  That way, it might provide a source of personal pride and a way to gauge your progress, but it won't have any bearing on the community, and hopefully, won't provide a reason for cheating.

-Boosting is usually done for stats or achievement awards, so again, only personal stats.  They will still boost for achievements icons, they do it in any multi-player co-op game.  No way to trace them before, except now in MW3 you can catch them on camera and report them..

-Spawn killing sucks, had it done to me, did it back to them.  If there's only one spawn point for each team, that's the developer's fault.  If I get spawn killed, when I re-spawn somewhere else, I go back to kill the spawn killer (you know where he is).  Then I camp and wait for him to come back, stay to defend the spawn point, or start spawn killing them if the spawn points change for their team.  I didn't start it, but I'll finish it.

-Ignoring objectives in a team game just to get a high kill count is a reason for selecting the "avoid this player" option.  This really does significantly reduce the likelihood of you getting matched up with this player again.  Same goes for all the other reasons.  

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