High End Motorcycles

Where can I buy these? I went online and only saw a few and they were only like $15,000.


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The Bati 801 is the top end bike, and yes it's only $15,000.

ok thanks..I imagine i can upgrade these?

I'm rolling with a Dinka Double-T just because I like the look of it and I can give it custom exhaust and bodywork plus all the usual upgrades and turbo. The Bati 801 just has a turbo as an extra mod.

The stock Dinka's are the two fastest but the upgraded Bati's are smoking. There are several videos on YT that show the fastest time trials.

Yea, a small downer of the Bati is the lack of visual mods outside of a paintjob. I was so disappointed when I finally bought a muscle car. Went Gauntlet since it has the tops stats in each category. Literally nothing to mod for it on the outside. :(