Hi I'm Greg and I'm a Codoholic

I do it every year. I am like the druggy who can't stop taking drugs no matter how hard I try. I am the battered wife who still says her husband loves her and sticks around only to be beaten over and over.

I BOUGHT IT AGAIN. Admittedly I am a fanboy of COD. In the end I do believe it gives me fun while it also raises my blood pressure to an unhealthy level.

I have been hearing about this lag compensation bs and at this point it is making this particular game UNPLAYABLE. I have FIOS so I figure I am getting punished for having a good connection. Last night I went head to head with a guy, started shooting him first, and lost. Oh well this happens in the series, I have learned to accept it. I watch the replay, not a single bit of red on his screen. Like not one of my bullets registered hitting him. Its baffling.


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Hi Greg I was also like you till this crap came out so after I get all my achievements I will be a gearoholic again !!!

Ditto what fuzz said

i'm going back to COD 2, hell of a lot more fun :0)

Maybe I will pick up cod 2 again!! I have cod3 but its hard to find a match

I've been itching to play some more Gears 3. So much more skill involved.