Hi everyone, need help with some achievements if anyone could help?

These are the achievements i need help with: 

The Host with the most

Places to see, People to destroy

Defending the past

Come to Poppa!

Locust, forever!

Horde Natural

Force Multiplier 

I've got this


The last 2 or even the 50 waves of horde don't really matter as much as the easier and quicker ones to acquire. Ill be on tonight (pacific time) monday, tuesday, and wednesday. Thank you for looking , i also have another controller, so maybe we could go for the revive ribbon? Just send me a message. One more thing, please dont quit if we do make this happen, tried grabbing a couple with a lot of other ppl, and once they get it they quit. I'll make the time, i'll be a good sport.


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need help with some of those achvios as well. i sent a friend request.

hit me up ill play

cool ill check out what u guys need, ill be on for a couple hrs a little later

hey, i would love to also help you, just add me then i will accept when i get on

ill be getting on in an hour or so will see if u guys r on and will

send invite