HHmmmmm, weird

I noticed when I un-equip a weapon, my Damage threshold goes up 5 points, and when I equip a weapon, it goes down 5 points.


I also noticed when I equip a weapon, the damage goes up, and when I un-equip a weapon, the damage of that weapon goes down.


What I mean by un-equip is bringing your fist out.

I this normal or is this some type of glitch that's working in my favor???


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Are you going to answer any of the questions these folks have been asking?

The stonewall perk is bugged.  Its description says that it gives +5 DT vs unarmed or melee attacks, but it actually gives you +5 DT when you are using an unarmed or melee weapon.  It may also give this bonus when you are just using your fists.  I'm not sitting in front of my Xbox, so I can't confirm, but this seems like the most likely culprit for your DT change.  Not sure about the weapon damage issue.

Do you have any traits that're maybe responsible for this?  I know the Good Natured trait basically gives a -5 on combat related skills but a +5 to non-combat oriented ones.  

Do you have any new perks from the Dead Money DLC ?

must be a trait like Rand said.

Are you wearing an armor that increases your Guns skill?

It would be better to know what weapon does this. We could then narrow down what trait or perk is causing this.