Hey you, yeah you should add me because....

1. You wouldn't be looking at this if you were not seeking friends either.

2. I am also on fairly well through out the week.

3. I'm also very ; nice, funny, intelligent and all around a well rounded mature awesome person lol

4. I have a variety of games and I am above average skill for some FPS. I will at least try to be a team player.

5. Hmm is this worth mentioning? I like anime, drawing, gaming and best of all being myself with you.

6. I have an Xbox One and an Xbox 360.

7. I have one condition though, please be at least 16 and under the age of 24 years old.

Thank you, I hope all of you have a beautiful day today. ;)



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I play xbox one now, *Would play 360 but nephew took that*. About myself

1. am am 16.

2. I have a variety of games as well.

3. You got me at anime.

I mainly play Battlefield, and I have been playing Deadrising3. I also have a few people that *Squad up* for battlefield on weekends. Ill check the thread back later for a reply, if you are interested for xbox one gaming~

under 24? lol wow okay

[quote user="Zaffire"]under 24? lol wow okay[/quote]