Hey to every one out there!

I am part of a clan called EG (evolution gaming) We are recruiting  right now! All we ask is for you to be 16 and older!!!

!!!!~You dont have to change your gamer tag~!!!!

So if you have any questions or interested on joining!

please reply or message me!

Thank for your time

This is not my main GT  ~ R1g0r M0RT15 ~message ether one and ill respond


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Really? You put Gamerscore Hacks in your tags?

opps didnt meant that

i didnt mean to click that you know how to fix that?

hacking is against my belief on for gaming (also dislexic lol srry)

hi im sorry that i clicked Gamerscore Hacks, i miss read things because i am dyslexic it was my mistake and i am sorry about that. I dont belive in hacking or modding becuase that ruins that game for every one else. And as you can see by my gamerscore  that i dont hack and if you play with me you would know too because once some one starts playing with mods and all i leave that match right away.... Please forgive that reading mistake