Hey I'm Cooperstar21 (Cfm21)

Hey guys! I am Cooperstar21 and I am an Xbox ambassador. Just let me know if you need any help!


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Hello, dumb question. In order to play with other people online do you have to be their friend? Is their a way to search and see who is still up and playing anything you want to play?

Hey there CoffeeCoronet!  No, you don't have to be someones friend in order to play with them online, however their are some parental controls that you can't talk to people and some other things unless you are their friend.  :)  No, there is not a way to see who all is playing a specific game unless they are on your friends list.  If they are on your friends list, you can see what your friends are playing at the time. :)

Thanks. Also how many updates am i gonna need before I can actually play a game. lol I'm trying to play left for dead 2 and it told me  I needed cold stream. So I'm spending more money. My internet is subpar and everything takes at least 20mins minimum. Is this the same with every game I wanna play?

You should only need one update for each game, but no more.  Some updates may take a while depending on how large the update is. :)

Cold Stream is a DLC, you don´t have to buy it to play Left4Dead 2 online.

If you wanna join a person who is playing that DLC, you would need the DLC.

Other then that you can play the game online without downloading the DLC.