hey guys I am looking join online gameing

can tell if there is game that not shooter that good story that has online play i have played halo and call of duty and gears of war and not like them and raecing games and i have hard time them I like role playing games and played mass effect and it sucked i have played every thing on old profile are there any kinect games that have online play


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That's what I noticed.

It is his other account.  They have the same spelling/run on sentence issue.  

[quote user="EXCALLBUR STAR"]

he has a kinect he don't like i known him


You sure that isn't your other account, bud?

he has a kinect he don't like i known him

Proper syntax is important.

Run-on sentences + poor spelling = BizarroMantis getting a headache

Can't tell if trolling, or just really bad at the whole 'word' thing.

don't know about kinect..but Lord of the Rings War in the North ... is good

You already made a thread for this earlier.  Good Jesus, someone add this guy before he makes a third thread.  

marybe i should give gameing