My son keeps asking me to play as Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash. Do I need to help him beat the game(I hate lego games) or can they be purchased in free roam. I don't know much about lego games. Please let me know!


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Some characters are unlockable as your progress through the story. Some characters are only unlockable after beating the game. While other characters are unlocked when roaming around the map. Hope this helps!

Thanks a bunch sir!

@Jiggypoo You should give this game a try my wife is really into lego games and I have played them with her but never like them really but this one I love to play! I was surprised how much i like it.

I'm not much into the LEGO games, but I can say that at the moment, I'm addicted to this game. It's very fun, and I like roaming around in the free world and start collecting. The story is interesting, fun all around.

And some characters are DLC

OK, I played the game with my son, and I really like it.  I'm surprised how fun this game is. By the way, we unlocked a lot of characters as well!