heres some seeds

Heres some seeds I made. Just putting them here so I don't forget them. Also why isn't there a sticky of all 360 seeds here? chadesh(yea my gamertag) Cavern01 lava and caverns/smallish caves. I really hate these forums some days.

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edit to add(since theres a time limit on edits) Cavern01 has some clay  as well

Heres a video of Cavern01. It's just one of the caves systems I found. with lava and water ;) sorry for quality and no sound

distilled1308 is atually the most flat seed I've found so far.  I haven't searched the entire map yet but from where I spawned, I headed South across a large body of water and when I hit land again, there was only a two or three block variation in elevation as far as the eye could see in most any direction, with very few trees, mostly grass.  I opened one pit mine down to the bed rock.  It was a 4x4 hole and I found every mineral, in fair abundance, besides diamond.

So far, Curtis Dent is one of the best seeds I've's the one I'm currently on, has a lot of overhangs, and a sweet underground lava lake..