heres a fun glitch

...go stand on the concrete stairs when the subway gets blown die (duh)...but that's not the interesting always tells me a person on my friend list killed me.....also happens when I'm killed by falling my case it usually says ''DTW Dirty Harry" killed me whether he's online or not...the first time I did the standing on the stairs part was because I was curious if there was maybe some sort of "Darwinist" achievement involved ...nope


same thing happens to my friend APOCACIDE.....except is his case it tells him I killed him...crazy


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LOL.....thats funny.....what does it say he killed you with though???

Interesting... I just don't want to be killed by roach.

I wonder if it gives them credit for the kill? for the method of death.....I think it's just blank as I recall

As long as it don't give em your dogtags too!LOL!