Here we go again

Hello, so I want to play halo reach campaign co-op, I played it once solo, so now I need 3 more players, all campaign from start to end, no skipping cinematic, no runing to lavel end, players who will work together, and voice chat. So write here if someone is interested. 


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I would gladly play co op campaign.

what dificulty are you planning on playing it?

maybe I'll join

If you are making the run on legendary count me in...

Aww. Boo hoo

i have a job and only am on during the night (after 11pm/central). so if you play the same time i do im down.

I can't make it but I hope it goes well. Those co-op sessions are amazing fun brah

Hi Revanas - I am interested in doing Reach. Completed all the campaigns on Heroic. Am interested in doing Legendary.Like you, I enjoy the chatting, playing as a team and not skipping cinematics as that is part of the entire experience, no matter how many times I've played game. On the east coast - available after 8:30 PM EST during week. Let me know.

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