Here are a few tips.

First off all I am not a super Gears 3 player.  I hated Gears 2 and I’m pretty rusty right now because of that.  I would say was a better than average Gears 1 player. I love Gears because unlike other shooters team play and wit counts for more than twitch skills. 

That being said I have a few tips.

This is not Call of duty or Halo.  Don’t play it like it is.  Unlike those games, a group of average team players will kick the crap out of a group of super l33t lone wolfs.  This is even truer if you play execution.  Make friends.

Tip #1

Always use cover.  

You should be always looking to move into cover.   When you think of places you want to go, instead of moving directly to them, think of cover “way points” that are in between and move to those.

Tip #2

The A button is your friend.

Getting hit?  Press the A button.  Need to run, press the A button.  Cover?  A button.  At first it will seem like the A button does random things, but after a while you will be able to predict exactly what it is going to do.  The A button will help you move faster, avoid getting shot and confound your enemies.  You should be mashing this button till it wears out.  I have worn the A button out on at least 2 controllers playing Gears 1

Tip #3

Get to know the maps.

Fire fights around the power weapons are what Gears is all about.  Heck you might even get lucky and the other team won’t be there trying to get that boom shot.   Boom shot or digger = easy kills.  Grenades are great too.

A simple strategy is while your team mate and an enemy player are in a lancer standoff around the power weapon, sneak around your enemy and shotgun him in the rear.  Even experienced players can get caught up and fall for this.   You need to treat it like poker.  Don’t do it all the time, keep it unpredictable.  Sneaking up on people is how I get a lot of my kills.

Tip 4

Practice active reloads on campaign.  

There are a lot more active reload opportunities on campaign.  Active reloads often are the difference.   


Want some buddies?  Here is how I did it.   Play execution and follow other players and be a medic.  You don’t even need to get kills to prove your worth.  All of a sudden players will want you on their team and you will be getting in some great groups and kicking some major butt.



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Active reload is the most retarded game mechanic that gears ever invented.

Honestly its not part of the game I like either.

It's a mechanic that works well with the game, IMO.  Because if you do it right you get a damage boost and if you *** it up the potential of getting downed or killed is increased.  It's just another aspect of the game that makes it more challenging.  

Active re-load is a huge part of the game, I cant imagine Gears without it.