Helpful Tips, tricks and facts.

These random and uncategorized sentences below consist of gameplay tactics me and my rag-tag team of level 50's have gathered over the 1,000's of hours we've put into this game. Please help yourself by adding useful Tips and Tricks by commenting below in case I missed any.

NOTE:This list below focuses on NON-hardcore rush game modes.


*EW (That first spec down the list): Your vehicle will pick up eneimes around the vehicle just like a sniper's motion mine. As well as enemie explosives in the area. (C4,Landmines)

*Armor: Your vehicle can take more hits. (Humvees and CAV's can take 1 RPG(w/o explosive2) hit with this SPEC)

Reload: Your gun reloads faster. [I believe this is the most unuseful SPEC of them all]

Warhead:Your bullet's damage is double. The main cannon on your tank, and light tank's explosive radius from each round is doubled as well.

Smoke: Removes all tracers from your tank (Air vehicles will drop flares) and provides cover for engineers to repair.  KEEP IN MIND! If a friendly tank has gotten traced the smoke from your's will remove their tracer as well. (This SPEC does not apply to non tank ground vehicles or boats.)

Optic: Allows a zoom option for all tanks and air vehicles.[This is best for the UAV. After so many hours you should get a good depth perception to which you no longer need this.] (This SPEC does not apply to the black hawk, HIND, non tank ground vehicles. or boats.)

Alt F: This gives all Heavy tanks,UAVS, and the BMD-3 (Russian mobile anti-air gun On port valdez) a coaxial machine gun for the main driver.All light tanks get a rocket launcher. It also allows the gunner of a Attack helicopter (Apache/Havok) to shoot tracer darts for the main driver to shoot a UAV like rocket at a traced vehicle.

*If a passenger has this SPEC it will be applied no matter which seat he is in.

1)You can quick fire all pump shotguns. By shooting then pressing (Y) to switch to your pistol,then pressing (Y) again to switch back to your shotgun allowing you to by pass the animation.
2)You can quick reload all guns and rockets. While reloading keep a eye on your ammo count, As soon as you see your ammo count hit 30 or 1 depending on what weapon you are using, press (Y) then (Y) again just like before which will allow you to by pass the animation and give you a split second advantage.
3)Spread your tank mines out. Putting them in one big pile in the middle of the road is a waste of your time and a pretty explosion for the enemie. Try putting them behind tall grass or shady spots on the side of the road.
4)If a vehicle allows you to have your main gun out. (Black hawks,Hinds, Humvees, and boats) You can repair that vehicle as long as its hovering or stationary.
5)You can Mid air repair a UAV from the passenger seat of a blackhawk.(Not easy to do, but it's epic as hell.)
6)If you run inside a badly damaged building and you start to see dust falling from the ceiling, that means it's time to go because that building is coming down.
7)If you're being motion mined, the key word is "MOTION" If you do not move, the enemie will not see you on the radar.
8)If a helicopter has armor on it, it will require 2 rockets to shoot it down, or 1 rocket with EXPLOSIVE2 upgrade.
9) Rocket Damage 1]M136 AT4 2]RPG-7 3]M2 Gustav (1Strongest- 3Weakest)
10)Tanks are weaker if you hit them from the side or behind with explosives.
11)All stationary vehicles have health that you can repair if damaged. (No repairing the UAV monitor does not repair the UAV itself. They are 2 separate things.
12)You can kill people with the smoke SPEC for vehicles when using the UAV
13)The tracer dart is not affected by gravity.
14)Shooting down a helicopter with your main gun/side arm only works in vietnam, doing so in the regular game is a beacon for the enemie.
15)You can trace infantry and lock on to them with a rocket.
16)When badly hurt, all ally medics will gain a green medic symbol regardless of how far they are, which you can use to call them over by placing your crosshair on the medic symbol then pressing select.


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Good advice some I knew from reading the wikia, watching utube videos and some strategy pages.

Pressing select can even help identify types of enemas and even if mines in the road are friendly or not, every time I join in on a game, after getting in to a squad (always make sure your 2 or 3 man private squad is public it’s nice to have two or one more players to spawn on). I press the Back button to make sure I can issue squad commands then also even if you can’t spot someone sometimes your guy will say Enemy Sniper, and identify other enemas off in the distance. Spotting the enemy chopper can help your team if one of your team mates are on a AA gun then they can get the gun pointed in the correct direction ready to shoot that enemy chopper down.

Heavy MG and other mounted weapons can really help stop an attacking enemy in a full Rush game, if you have a good squad and your team near you can be protected from getting a knife in the back, but really keeping on a mounted weapon does distract the enemy eventual that player will become a target but only if they are blindly shooting or chopping wood, just keep spotting pressing that back button and when you hear or see the spot light up then target and shoot away, you can rack up a lot of Heavy MG kills. Also Heavy MGs will do damage on Choppers just like the Alt Fire on a Tank and UAV can.

You know you are on a good team when you are flying the UAV and spot an engineer near fly the UAV down and they know that you need it repaired. But then a good engineer should be repairing team equipment, you know your in a bad game when a team mate just drives their damaged tank by you and not stopping or slowing down to get repaired, the only exception would be the tank is retreating to get away so it can be repaired, like when you steal the enemies damaged tank and drive it away to be repaired this is worthy for Conquest games because it will give your side more tanks.

Antitank mines, work best with two together because two that are close can destroy a tank, but yes don’t put them all together or too close since they can blow up in a chain of explosions. Just like some players can C4 a tank (yet most will suicide doing this) you can drop a at mine near a tank and set it off with a grenade and can blow up the tank even when the tank is just near and not running them over.

Playing for the Objective, yes a must but if you really just want to do KD then go play Deathmatch. I find it funny that you can be in a game with a great chopper pilot but that team can still lose if they don’t get the objectives.

when defending in a Rush game, if the squads and teams can camp near and around and with in sight of the MCOMs and a Recon with an Assault combo who can keep throwing out those motion sensor balls also that recon and assault has some C4 planted near the MCOM and in those spots where an Attacker will camp after arming, you can clear the enemies out fast and disarm. When attacking on rush using LW pack and Armor also some smoke cover can help you get in and get the Mcom armed. When defending on Rush the Mcom that is not in the building that can collapsed is the one that needs to be defended more and also when attacking the one that needs to be armed as soon as possible.

Also hit your back button to spot enemy. Great list!!

You forgot the 2 most important:


K/D means nothing, WINNING is everything.


The objectives are what you should be defending or attacking. If your team is losing someone isn't helping, if everyone else is attacking or defending the objectives and you're still losing, IT'S YOU!

[quote user="Waykam"]

K/D means nothing, WINNING is everything.

Fail... High K/D and winning usually go together, unless you completely avoid the objective. If a wookie goes 3-1 during a round and doesn't accomplish anything else, then yeah K/D means nothing, but in most situations it does matter.

if you suspect an enemy near by, toss a grenade in that direction and listen for them to yell out. if you hear yelling, you know you have enemies nearby.

Also, be sure to teabag your enemy in Rush mode, especially if you've killed them twice or more in the enemies backfield. Most folks will go off looking for you in an effort to seek revenge instead of focusing on completing objectives. I've done this many times. lol

If you sneak out of a spawn trap don't capture the first base you go to, go to the furthest away making sure you don't go into the capture area of any flags on the way. Some of the enemy team will have to come a get you otherwise you give your team a new spawn point. You can also cause some distractions by having any squadmates who spawn on you go to other flags while you're capturing so any enemies have to check them on the way to you.

So the comment stands. If you get a high K/D and you lose, the K/D means nothing. If you get a negative K/D and win the K/D still means nothing. Winning is the most important thing in Battlefield, a positive K/D is a bonus.

..I teabag people at the mall

Ya and this rash...hasnt gone away yet...

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