Helpful tips for new halo reach players!

 I personally believe that halo reach is a great multiplayer game. If you are just starting out i recommend that you start with the funnest game modes which are in my opinion Swat, Living Dead, Slayer, Multi Team, Big Team Battle, and Griffball. Also i didn't do this at first but i also suggest to anyone who is new to halo do all the daily and weekly challenges to level up faster that is what i am currently doing and it works fine.


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and leveling up does what? its not like you can unlock better weapons or armor that boost your shield up at higher ranks


play the campaign to know the weapons and custom or forge to know the maps on multiplayer

Levelling up gives shiny new armor that does nothing but look cool.

And if there weren't Chiev and Cred boosters around, it would also give bragging rights.

Mostly you get shiny things though. <3

leveling up does nothing to improve skill...playing smart is the main reason y good ppl are good.