Helpful notes for new Multiplayer players

I've noticed a small influx of new people on Ghostbusters lately, and this can only be a good thing. However there are one or two things that new players should note that aren't delineated in the Game's Manual or anywhere else for that matter. So I hope this post may help you through your first couple of games.


1) The Capture Stream isn't automatically locked on to a ghost like it is in Single Player, when a ghost is weakened enough to capture, you have to hit the LB to fire the capture stream. I've noticed instances lately of new players just firing the proton stream while I'm wrangling a ghost into a trap and I rarely use a mic so I've been unable to help out.


2) It really, honestly doesn't matter who's trap the ghost is captured in, you don't get any bonus points or extra perks for whipping a ghost away from one trap into your own, it just wastes time, and in a "Containment" round, time is mega precious. 


3) Firing a proton stream into a PKE disrupter DOESN'T CHARGE IT! It charges automatically, just focus on the ghosts/monsters.


4) This is just a little personal hint/tip, the slime blower is all but useless...the slime tether can be good for slime dunking ghosts, but the actual slime blower is pretty much defunct, save the ammo, or if necessary use the blower to neutralise puddles of black slime, but apart from that, it's useless against actual ghosts.


5) Pay attention to what power ups are available, the Ghost Stunner (Looks like a Shock Blast/Stasis Stream but "shinier") is a great tool, but pointless when there's only two or three ghosts around.


6) (This is the only competitive point I'm going to make) Don't wait for someone to wear a ghost out then when they're about to wrangle a ghost into a trap "Latch on" to it yourself, it's not fair to anyone, also there might be other ghosts around to focus on.


There, I hope these points are useful to at least some. And I hope to see you there! 


I ain't 'fraid no ghost! But are you? :p


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A few other tips I can think of:

1) When playing Containment, Slime Dunking (tethering) is almost a necessity in order to capture the ghosts in a timely fashion.

2) On Destruction levels, you should never have to throw your trap out or even capture/kill a ghost. These jobs are all about taking out the nests as fast as possible. When a nest is destroyed, all of the ghosts that came out of it are destroyed as well.

3) On Destruction levels, the nests appear in pretty much the same pattern every time, so if you don't get through them, just keep trying with another competent player and you'll knock these out in no time.

4) Another Destruction attention to your weapon choices. The Shock Blaster (blue) is amazing up close and can take out a nest in two shots. The...yellow one, what you want to use for those that are in the distance and can be destroyed in about five or six shots. Slime is virtually useless, but can be extremely useful in one instance: If a ghost is sitting on the next where you can't damage the next, quickly switch to your slime, tether the ghost, then just tether it away from the nest somewhere like the ground. This will not only pull the ghost off of the nest, but will daze them you plenty of time to switch back to your other packs to take out the nest.

The Proton Accelerator is badass on Destruction levels as well (seen mostly on the Reading Room level). This thing can just shred through the nests in no time. You only have it for a limited time, so make the most of it.

5) On Survival levels, there's no time limit, nor are there any unlimited spawning ghosts, so take your time, know the ghosts' weaknesses, and you'll get through these without much of a problem.  Slime dunk if you can. When you have to fight the big bosses, they're fairly easy to get away from when fighting them. Usually they'll come up to you, pause, then lunge at you. When they do this, either run right past them, or just hit the dodge button and jump away to the side. Usually the only things that give players fits are the little hoards of candlestick crawlers.

6) Thief levels are some of the easiest to do since there's a time limit and you only have to have 1 remaining when time runs out. You do that and you're golden.

7) Protection levels can seem like a nightmare at times, especially on the 3rd tower, but they can be fairly manageable if you can get one person to lure the main monster away from the tower and the other stays nearby to pick off any of the little baddies it sends out. The little guys will always go for the tower. The main monster will go for the tower as well, but can be lured away. What you don't want to do is have all of your players waiting at the tower or you're just asking to lose because not only will you have the little guys there, but the main monster as well.

Pay attention to the black slime on a couple of the levels (Office, Cemetery) as you can only walk through briefly before it will take you down. If you have some slime, spray it on the black slime to get rid of it.

8) On the Cemetery Protection level, it seems that if you get the 3rd tower to appear at the top of the hill, the little ghosts/skulls the boss shoots out can get under the map somehow and continuously attack the tower and you can't do anything about it. Maybe it's just happened to me each time I've tried that level and I was unlucky, or it's just a glitch that happens like that. I didn't have any problems keeping the skulls away when the 3rd tower was at the bottom of the hill...just kept getting knocked down by black slime I couldn't see on the ground.

9) Pay attention to when your partners go down and get them up ASAP, especially on the levels with a time limit. If it's a Survival level, depending on your situation, you may be able to just let them time out and return. Sometimes it's safer to run than to go dive into whatever mess just took out your teammate.

10) Some jobs are easier with two people rather than a group, but this mostly depends on the skill of the players in the group. It's hard to get a group of randoms that know what they're doing, so maybe doing most of these with another skilled player is all you need to do.

Hope this helps some.:)

add me for online play

does any1 still play this online had it on ps3 when first come out but just got it for the 360

i had it for xbox 360 when it first came out but i dont have it anymore

lol they do but take a couple of goes to find a game but still good

I play all the time! Well, try to anyway. ANYONE can add me for this one. I'm 48th on the leaderboard and looking to get into top 20.  I usually play early in the morning eastern time.





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