Hi, not going to complain about the server issues, i'll just play SP for now.

Is there any way to practise flying, as if im honest I suck, and as a result, i dont even attempt it online, because i just end up killing me and everyone in it.


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There is a co-op mission where you get to fly the helicopter and if you set the difficulty to easy it's a great way to practice flying. Outside of that i don't think there is any way to practice flying.

Woudn't that mean someone having to play with me though?

Yes I think you do have to have a 2nd player. However, the servers are working just fine right now. And I'm sure if you have someone on your friends list with the game they will gladly help you.

If not, send me a FR with a message "need 2nd player coop" and I can help you today after 5pm EST.

Okay thanks :)