New to Titan need some tips as not to good


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What kind of tips? Weapons? Loadouts?

Best tip= Keep moving.

All I can tell you is Switch your controller settings to Bumper Jumper, the first one. And set your Sprint (i forgot what the option is called on the menu) to Always sprinting. Other than that, I've got nothing except the RC-101 Carbine is your best friend, not the smart pistol.

If any pros are out there, I'd love to learn some tips and strategies also! (Sorry for piggybacking Lastborn :)  )

Oh and get LOTS of practice in the Campaign..Classic mode is a whole different ballgame (player skill wise)

The one thing I can tell you is that you can never be high enough... on the map, I feel like no matter how high up I jump I always end up dying from somebody whose higher than me.

Keep moving, I actually left the controls alone.  Didn't switch them.  I might turn sprint on.  Use the environment. Like others have said. And you don't have to be in your titan always.  I let it follow me or guard a spot, so I can go off and do other stuff.

And like other fps's, check behind you often.

Do the same thing you'd do in any other FPS that's what I do and I'm MVP on my team constantly... If you have 2 thumbs and a functioning brain this game is gonna be easy for you welcome to titanfall (aka the definition of a casual game)