Ok, so yesterday i did the new update for mw3. When i went to play online after it finished i got this message, "Playing with original maps only. Download all DLC content you are entitled to in order to play DLC maps." The thing is, i already have the collection one maps in my usb memory device. i tried deleting and redownloading them but it still gives me that message. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. 


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Thanks Caster for the added info. Again iv been out of the loop for a bit so ill make sure threads like these stay at a minimum like i tried to do with the clan recruitment threads :) which by the way i cant believe are still popping up even with the sticky.

Just accept to download all of them again. Technically you won't be downloading the full file of the maps you already have, from what I hear it's a really small file add on that will download instantly. For some reason it's required to download the new maps. Also it supposed to help uninstalling MW3 if you play it from your HDD.

There is a sticky above with all the information and links you should need. There's been about 20 of these threads spamming this forum, I think that's why it was created to try and prevent the same post being created over and over and over......

ok i dont know how but it fixed itself... thank anyways haha

the maps are saved on both so it should be able to use either one i think. still wont work :/

It does allow me to use my DLC in private matches though

Have you tried putting the files on to your HDD (harddrive)? It might be trying to read from the HDD and not the usb drive. Hope i could help :) if you have anymore questions i woul be glad to answer them.