I need help finding someone who can mod my account to get more CR and god mode. HELP ME. and i need more members for my clan. WE are small and need to grow.


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Uhhh, what do you really need credit mod and god mode for?...


so you want somebody to get you banned from MM and also, God mode wont help you on reach, I've killed people using God mode on BTB

if they caught you earning easy credits on a non legit way, you gonna end up being banned from earning credits on reach for very long time

Not to mention most people here just don't like cheaters. I suggest you look somewhere else.

Or actually, I suggest just earning the creds yourself.

OP, I hope you know that posting a thread like that could be used as grounds to get you banned from Xbox Live..

"Somebody hack me, I'm in desperate, desperate need of some serious assistance and am just deathly lazy on top of that. Please?"

Modding your account will result in a perma ban from Xbox Live.  Then your clan won't have a leader and you'll have to start all over.  It's best to build up your clan with a good foundation and no cheating.  Then if you do make it big the bottom won't fall out from under you for doing something you shouldn't have done.