I started of playing as a Thief but got really badly stuck at the second bonfire. I managed to kill the Tarus Demon first time with no trouble but then I was killed by the dragon. I've tried numerous times to reach the next bonfire but each time I died at some stage. 


So I started the game again as the Sorcerer in the hope that magic will make the game easier. But I have no idea how magic in this game works or how to use it, could somebody please explain this to me? 


I was also wondering which weapon from the first merchant is the best? As the thief I bought the spear but I found that it took too long in attacking. I would of bought another weapon but i had stupidly killed the merchant. 


Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance 


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I started as a theif got my butt kicked for ages but am now a sl220 death machine.

To use magic you must equip a talisman in your left hand and have a spell highlighted in the top box on your hud, also you need to have the required stats to use the spell if it is greyed out you cannot use it, pyromancy is the easiest to startout with though and just needs the pyromancy flame that can be easily upgraded.

Probably best to start again and go with the Pyromancer class. Sorcerer is aimed more at veteran players than beginners.

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Probably best to start again and go with the Pyromancer class. Sorcerer is aimed more at veteran players than beginners.


This is more true.

But you see there's three type's of magic types in this game, Pyromancy, Miracles, and Sorcery. Each have their own type of uniqueness. And each has a item that you must use in order to use the magic.

To use:

Fire - You need a pyromancy glove: There's only ONE, but you can upgrade it to make your fire spells stronger.

Miracles - You need a talisman: There's a lot of talismans with each one being a little different, some weaker, some stronger, some with unique properties, but NONE are upgradeable.

Sorcery - You need a catalyse:There's a lot of catalyses with each one being a little different, some weaker, some stronger, some with unique properties, but NONE are upgradeable.

Each of them items is gear that you equip on your characters as if it was a actual weapon. You can put it in either right or left hand. You can put a sword to the right hand, and also put a pyromancy glove in the right hand. And you can switch between the two by hitting the RIGHT on the D-Pad.

When you equip the Pyromancy glove, the fire spells lights up, your now able to use them, and you use the spell the same way you attack. Press on the UP button on the D-PAD to shift between different spells if you have them equipped. You equip different spells at the bonfire when you purchase them. You only have a certain number of slots for spells, but you can increase the slots but putting points into ATTUNEMENT when you level up. Equipping TWO of the same spells increases the number of times you can use the spell. Fireball gives you 8 uses, having TWO fireball spells gives you 16 uses.

I wouldn't try and kill that dragon early on, just remove all your armor and spring as fast as you can for the opening on the right of the bridge.

I nearly 3 playthroughs, I didn't kill that thing once.


Something else I recommend, and personally, I think it's the most important tactic in the game for new players:  Buy a bow.  Never, NEVER wade into a fight with multiple enemies until you get some experience fighting.  Always lure them to you one at a time.  Buy the shortbow at the first undead merchant, and level up enough str and dex to wield it.  Take it to +10 and then turn it into a Lightning Bow when you reach Anor Londo's blacksmith.  I usually equip the bow in my left hand so I can switch between it and the shield.

I've always loved playing as a sorcerer...mages are boss killers in this game.  Intelligence increases your magic attack, both for spells and enchanted swords.  When you cast, try to lock on and keep backstepping as you cast.  This will put a bit more space in between you and your enemy.

And don't bother trying to kill that dragon if you don't have to.  You can just go under the bridge to get to the next area (watch the rats - after you kill the two skellies under the bridge, use your bow to hit the rats in the small room.  Once the rats are out of the way, stand against the wall just to the left of that doorway leading to the rat room.  From there, you should be able to fire arrows at the dragon.  You won't be able to kill him, but you'll do enough damage to get the Drake Sword.  It takes 16 strength to use it, but it will be a fantastic weapon for you for the first 40 or so levels.

Thanks for all the help.


I started again as the pyromancer and i find magic is extremely useful. My current technique is too buy loads of fire bombs so when I reach the enemy I lure 3 or so towards me and kill them all with a fire bomb.


I've opened the shortcut which also helps. Would you suggest running away from the knights? I got quite far but had low health so when i saw the knight it chased me with it's spear and I jumped off a bridge but landed in fire so I died.


I have a few questions as well that I'm hoping someone can answer. I was wondering how you attune magic? as it confuses me. Are summon signs easy to spot? and does joing a covenant actually do anything, Do they eventually fight alongside you are or their no benifits?


Once again thanks for all of the help so far

Early on best to stay away from the knights..


You attune magic at bonfires you have to have attunement slots (obtained by putting upgrade points into attunement when you level up).


Summon signs are easy to spot, on the ground white are for allies, orange are for sunbro allies, and red is to summon an invader to do battle with. There are others that are specific to convenants.


Covenants do have there benefits you can obtain specific spells, items, armor, pyros etc by joining and leveling up your covenant status. Some of them also make it more likely for you to summon and be summoned by members of the same covenant, some summon you when specific conditions are met (forest invaders/dark anor londo etc).


Hope this helps!