uh yeah it says my game file for battlefield 3 multiplayer got corrupted but it remembers everything i unlock, the only problem is any changes i make to the guns or my charcter or anything like that it wont remember the changes is there anything i can do?


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Yeah, this happened to me last night.  I think you have to create a new save file by pressing 'A' when you get the corrupt file message otherwise it won't auto-save.

All it does really is reset all your classes so every gun you have has the first unlocks you get.

When I played yesterday after getting the message, my AK-74M had ACOG, Underslung Rail and Heavy Barrel which wasn't my set up before the corruption.

It might me you've lost your SP progress.  Personally, I don't care about that on mine because I was only on like level 2 but if you were further, then it can be a pain in the butt.

delete single player save file.

You will receive no help/