Okay so when me and my brother go to play minecraft today, it patched today. Then when my brother signs in, and then i sign in, and when we're in the world, My character cannot turn left or right, but his character can. It wasn't like this yesterday. I tried deleting my profile and re downloading it, but that didn't help. I also cleared my xbox cache, and repatched, but that didn't help either. I tried being first player in my world, and i can't turn left or right, so now i know it has something to do with my account. I also know this because I tried switching the controllers thinking that would be the problem, but not the case. 

TL;DR: I can't turn left or right in minecraft, and it affects me wherever i go. Please help if you have any information, I really want to play. 


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Change your settings back to default (even if they are already) and see if that works. It seems to work a lot for these issues.

okay will try to do so, is that under the options settings correct? in the main menu?

I think you can change it by simply pressing start and going to options. I haven't done it myself yet but it shouldn't be hard to find. Friend of mine had a similar problem and this fixed it for him.

yes it did fix it for me, thanks for the info, if someone could be so kind to close this thread, i'd appreciate it

One of these should be pinned. This is a veryyyy frequently asked question.