Earlier today i made a gamer picture from my avatar with a checkerd backround my brother had a message sent from a friend he also checked my profile out and it had the old gamerpic the old one had fire for the backround (i made the old one a week ago) what should i do


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wait .

Clear your cache. I had the same problem. Every time I, or someone else changed a gamer pic, I had to clear the cache for it to upload.

it has a checkerboard on my screen

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it has a checkerboard on my screen

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Checkerboard on my screen as well. And just to let you know , if you did ot, you have two gamerpictures. One for firends only and one for none friends only  (that is the one that will appear for the forums as well). Make sure you change both gamer pictures if you wish friends to see the same one as non-friends