My friend and I where playing on Xbox Live together on a map that we made and then he just disappeared, after that he said that his Minecraft crashed.  Then, about a week after re-downloading it, we tried it again.  Then, after about 5 minutes, it did the same thing.  After that, after re-downloading it again he can't even get on Xbox Live.  He contacted Xbox and they said to wait a week until his connection increased to get back online.  He and I don't know what to do about Minecraft though.  We thought about re-buying it.  Would that work?  If not, please post some answers.  we would greatly appreciate it.  



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Delete the game and re-download it.

If your friend as been playing MC without any problems until now, try deleting the System Cache File (How to clear cache (This will delete the updates)) delete the game, re-download it and then re-update, test the world again and see if it crashes.

Try disabling Cloud Storage as well, I recently had some problems with my saves when Cloud was synced.
[quote user=""]To test weather his connection is the problem:-

  • Start a offline world and see if it crashes.
  • Have him host a world and some else join said world.

If it doesn't crash offline/hosting then is Internet connection might not be good/fast enough to join other peoples games, and may need to contact his Internet provider for troubleshooting advice.[/quote]

I'll tell him.  Thanks