I've been looking forward to Brink since it was first announced, and I finally ordered it online from Gamestop a few weeks ago. After ***-ups on their part not once, or twice, but three times (and forcing me to pay additional S&H twice), it came in today. I had all but forgotten about it, and was happy to finally get my hands on it and I was excited to finally play it. I put the game in, IMMEDIATELY I get an error saying "this disc is unreadable," and it still won't play. So I call Gamestop, and they won't refund any of my money because my initial order was placed too long ago, and it's "too late for it's warranty." So I call Xbox support to see if they can do anything, and they say no. So, I paid a total of roughly $80 to wait for a game that doesn't work. The game isn't dirty at all, and thinking it may be my Xbox I had a friend bring over his copy of LA Noire he just bought today and it played fine, and I can play every other game fine but Brink simply will not play. Please, is there ANYTHING I can do? I know this isn't Microsoft's problem at all, but I'm flat-out pissed off and I was wondering if there is anything I can do. Thanks in advance.


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I wish i was a bringer of good news but unfortunately i'm not.I had a brand new Halo:Reach disk do the same thing and the only option i was "given" was to return it for another.Have you tried your disk in another console to see if it had the same results?

This only happens with that particular game?

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I'm not even given the option to have it replaced for a copy that works, and I've tried on two of my friends' consoles and the same thing. I close my tray, and five seconds later "this disk is unreadable."

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Reply under the person you want to qoute and then click rich formatting. Sorry about your situation that your going through I never heard of that happening before.

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