Hey guys I am new to GOW and would like some help with how to get a better. First off, I am mainly used to call of duty, and figured out that tactics between GOW and CoD are different. I just cant seem to pull of that many kills in GOW. Does anyone got some tips or something useful that would help me get better? Thanks.


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I am in the same boat bruh, best thing is to play with people who are good and watch how they play. I play with a couple cool dudes that are good at GoW so I let them handle the tough work as I try to learn what they do and how they do it. best of luck. Also, my MP experience hasn't been the best. Dudes walking thru grenades, killing with 1 shot as I empty clips in them so I am not the best person for advice giving.

I would say it is just a matter oof knowing  the map your on.. taking advantage of the cover, Barracades, fences, sand bag walls etc etc)...  Also take advantage of the shields.. use them to block your  doorways and stairwells...  Some of the  Beasts can knock them over.. but  most of the big doodes.. like Maulers ,Flamers, Boomers.. Butchers,  etc.. can get stuck  behind them... assuming your playing horde...   when they are stuck  on the shielsd  .. like say for example on a stairwell     you hide behind the wall just above it so you can Shotgun thier heads off!..  thats why use cover and shields to maximum heheh!  :O)

As far as aiming..   specially in close quarters..  if yoru using shotgun specially for close quarters.   try to get out of the habit of using  the gun site..   shoot fomr the hip.  I am starting to getting used to doing that now.. cause specially when they are close you  are taking more time tryingto aim then you  are just shooting.. and  they could be almost behind you and if you shoot your shotgun  without aiming.. you can hit them if they right on top of you!.

Granted i am not  Veteran on this game.. far from it.. but I have been playing this game ever since it came out.. but I been playign BOTS  cause i never got  Broadband until this past  MAY!.   Bots are pretty much predictable  but HUMANS arent .. heheh  Totallty different gaming experience hehe :O)

Im new to GOW and the best advice I can give to you is to play hours and hours of horde online. You have many opportunities to work on all your gun skills. And you don't die as quickly when playing horde because the bots don't aim as well as playing against a human unless you reach level 20 and above horde and the aim of bots really changes. You can also get a good practice with your grenades on how you throw them and stick them to the wall. I've learned a lot just from playing a lot of horde mode online and gotten a lot better since I picked up GOW2 three weeks ago.

I have been playing Gears since the day Gears 1 came out, and MP kills have always been a challenge.  Unlike CoD Gears has a serious learning curve, and you have to put in the time.  Watch those who are getting the kills see how they play and learn from your mistakes.  Luckily you have more than Warzone and Execution playlist now, these are good to give you plenty of time to watch others play but spend time in Annex or Guardian so you can respawn and get more time in actual game play. Things you needs to learn are, wall bouncing, shot gun skill and how to handle the power weapons.  One mistake it took a long time for me to correct is you can't always rush in, stay with your team. Getting with a few people who will work together and hold down section of the map is the best strategy. But the only real answer it put in the time, pay attention, and try to have fun getting blown to bits.

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But the only real answer it put in the time, pay attention, and try to have fun getting blown to bits.


Best line, and very true.  You can't let dying stop you from playing. If you get frustrated, try practicing in "Custom games" using Bots on insane...They are cheap,  aware of all the surroundings and general P.I.T.A's.

But above all..Practice, practice, practice.  


To be honest, I can't see playing horde or warzone against bots helping a whole lot.  Yeah, you can to aim?  But the techniques that'll make you a killer in the mp really can't be done against AI.  If you want to get kills, practice with the shotgun.  It seems to be the dominant weapon in multiplayer, and if you try and shotgun battle a bot like people do in multiplayer, you'll get blown away, cause their perfect aim will make quick work of your strafing or wall bouncing.  But of course, that's just my opinion.  

AdRe7VaLi7Ve  .. I agree with that as BOTs and HUMANS  play very differently  first off BOTS are predicatable , and   they dont plant grenades which humas do!  I can go on hehe.. BUT playing agaisnt bots  has alot of advatages too  You can learn the maps easier .... They can help you at least get familiar with how the weopons shoot... Learn to use the grenades . as planted  mines.. i can go on wiht the positives too.. . I used the bots for like almost 2 years because i didnt have  broaband back then.  I still use  BOTS today.. cause AT least  you can play ANY  MAP you want  without having to have a SOCIAL server pick it for you!.  Start the BOT skill  difficulty level as Casual and work your way up.. right now i use them on NORMAL cause HARDCOE is just toooo easyfor them ONE SHOT KILLS hehe.. ...i Play warzone  all the time with the bots.. STILL to this day  cause it is hard to find people to play on CUSTOM . .    I personally LIKE having bots  in ANY game!