ok so i paid for minecraft a few months ago it worked great, i bought a new 360 and when i donwloaded it i cant get the full version. it makes me  play the trial...?


also if i connect to the internet it gives me the full game. but then it says im not allowed to play multiplayer i have "uncheck" the online game box, but its already unchecked.


please someone!


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[When you purchase content, you receive a licence to use that content. The licence has two parts: the system licence and the local licence. The system licence applies to the gamertag that purchases the content, and the local licence applies to the console where you first downloaded the content.]

Because you bought a new console the two lisences no longer match, so you need to transfar them by:-

  • Go to Settings and select Account.
  • Go to Your Billing Options and select Licence Transfer.
  • Follow the instructions to transfer the content licences.

Also note that there is a bug in the latest update which stops silver members from loading their old saves whilst connected to Xbox Live. Once you have transferred your licences, disconnect your console from your Internet device (eg Router) and re-boot Minecraft, you should then have full access to the game.