Help with wings

Anyone want to do insane horde with me? 7500xp per round...


leave GT here


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I would be willing to help with this as well, level 79 at the moment

If you are doing Horde for XP then I recommend Security as after the 1st wave you can just run through the laser fences and restart Wave 1 :) You still gotta fight for your XP, unlike those that stood around in a circle and shot each other in turns for 9 hours!

I'd also like to help but prolly won't be much on LIVE till July sorry.

I'm down for it. Hit me up with a message or invite. I'm on most at night.

I'm quite the bit away from it but I'll gladly help. Currently Rank 43 I believe.

Crash McCloud <--Gamertag =P

I'm up for it. I only need 5 more levels to get my wings. Rank 95. So close.

If we do the first wave for 7.5k xp, duppending on the map it should only take around 30 seconds - 1 minute. So if we keep restarting wave one then 75k xp every 10 minutes... sounds interesting XD

I've heard doing submission, or guardian and just killing people over and over and over again and not trying to win till the timer hits.

Get 50k+ xp a game or more.

Im game for it.  and if we fail a wave, just restart from wave 1 or do it over and over. i wants my 7.5k a wave XD.

or 6k a wave for hardcore. everbody doing normal D:

so put me down.

Big Tyler 08

If anyone wants to try that tonight let me know, I need 78-100 and would like to try and finish it off this event. Or maybe some KOTH.

Bumping. Need a wingman partner. Any other good methods for XP? Horde round 1 is good and quick but it can become quite tedious after awhile.