Help with the soul gem in walking nightmare quest in Skyrim

Hi I've been looking for help with this quest all over the net but the only glitch people seem to have is Erandur 'running off'! I've just drank the potion to dreamstride, released the gas but when I cut back to the 'present' if you will, everyone has said to collect the soul gem next to the chain and this will remove the 'barrier to continue on the quest. However when I come out of dreamstride the soul gem is not sparking towards the barrier like I've seen in SO many videos of walkthroughs. So when I collect the soul gem nothing happens?! I can't speak to Erandur and I can't get to the skull at the bottom and I don't know what to do? Can anyone help??

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No idea. The only glitch I know of during that quest is the freezing glitch if you try to save after coming out of Dreamstride. The best advice I can give is to ask over at the bethblog forums -- those cats over there know everything & that forum is extremely active. Good luck!

If I were you, first make sure you have the latest version of the game. I had a problem with freezing, so it took me 2 hours just to do the quest. Wait for the screen to load when you come out of the Miasma. When everything loads and your quest updates try taking the soul gem then. Good Luck!