help with the challenge mode please

So I played the game on normal and got most of the way through, but my save file got deleted.  I therefore started over but decided to play it on Hard.  I've now beaten the game on Hard mode and collected 100% of all the collectables.  All challenge modes have been unlocked.  My character has ALL of the upgrades available.  Last night I began the combat challenges and I've run into a problem.  When I played the campaign on Normal I would get a screen prompt to hit A+X or B+Y to perform a throw or combo takedown.  I realize those prompts go away when on Hard mode, but even though I've unlocked those abilities, I can't seem to use them.  I didn't notice it in the later stages of the game because I was basically spamming the strike and counter buttons, but they're really important moves in the challenge mode.  Is there something I'm doing wrong?  Thanks!


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Patience is the key. Random spamming won't work for the challenges. You need to take the time to learn the way of the Bat,  and pay attention to what the villains are doing.

Here's a good discussion on the topic:

Great link, and thank you, but my question really relates to the ability to perform the combo throw and combo takedown moves.  During the challenge mode, I have not been spamming buttons, I have been fighting smarter like you said.  Once my combo is high enough, I do not get a screen prompt to hit A+X or B+Y to perform those special combo moves.  I've seen Youtube videos where those prompts are shown when available.  Is it because I beat the campaign on Hard that they do not appear?  Should I just hit the buttons anyway and see if the moves are carried out even without the prompt?

Must be a bit of a bug as it happened to me a few times as well. After performing them a few times, eventually I ended up having to guess if I had a 5-hit combo or a 10 (5 is usually the B+Y).

And yes, It might be because you beat Hard Mode. It's just a guess though. There were also a few bugs like when you had to use the B+Y combo it sometimes indicated that I use the A+X combo. Watch out for that.