Help with Stunt Jumps

If anyone is having a hard time with the stunt jumps, you should check out this helpful video

. I had such a hard time doing the lighthouse one! It was quite difficult. 


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I just got done with them the other day.  A few of them took a few tries.  Quick saving before a jump helped.

I rage quit on the lighthouse one after wrecking about 20 cars. I'm doing the stunt jumps online though because they give RP. Hopefully they still count toward the achievement.

i gave up on them becuase on the last two i had left i went to do it and when i landed it said "undefined" and it didn't count it and now everytime i do one thats what it says

^I had two left and they said undefined as well.  Probably because I had attempted them before but failed them or they were already completed. Perhaps the ones you're missing are elsewhere.

thats the thing though i have the brady games book so i know i did them all in order but the last 2 won't register for me

Try doing it with a different character.  It is a bit glitchy.  And I do recall the last two I needed saying undefined.