Help with some button questions

I will try the question it may be more appropriate.

1. What do I do when (white) grenade comes on screen during battles? do I throw it back?

2.  what is the (melee) button for?

yes, I am new to this, but learning pretty fast.

thanks,  fred z


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I assume you are playing one of the Call of Duty games?


When the grenade indicator appears on screen it is a good idea to move in the other direction as quickly as you can. You can throw it back when close enough with RB.


When close enough to an enemy player you can use the melee button to hit them instead of shooting them.

It would probably make sense to give the title of the game you are asking the questions about. However, I'm going to assume you are talking about Call of Duty since that's a game that has both features you are referring to.


1. If someone throws a grenade at you and it is within reaching distance, a button prompt will appear in the center of your screen telling you to press the right bumber (RB) to throw it back. If the prompt does not appear, that means you are not close enough to the grenade.


2. There are 2 types of combat. And not just in video games. Ranged combat means attacking from a distance. Guns, arrows, magic. Anything you can hit the enemy with from far away. Melee combat means that you are physically swinging an object to strike the enemy directly. Knives, hammers, your fist, a ceramic monkey. Once again, assuming you are speaking of Call of Duty. Clicking the left thumbstick will attack an enemy with your knife

Haha, what game is this for? The most recent game I've played that has a white grenade indicator is MW3 and generally if it pops up on your screen you run away! If you think you've got time run, over the top of it and hold right bumper (RB). The melee button lets you take out an enemy in close proximity. Not sure if I've helped you...