Help with Sgt Boykin - Possible Spoiler


Hi All,

I am at the point where I need to rescue Rebecca from Sgt Boykin. I made myself 2 sets of exploding bow and arrows, I have a Merc **** rifle, 2 orange juices, a bag of candy, 2 defilers and a sledge hammer.

Through a series of attempts, I was able to beat him once. But my problem after that is getting Rebecca back to the safe house, and I've got almost no time.

There are soooooo many more zombies outside and I can't seem to use my usual tactics of duck and weave around the zombies .I was hoping to find a Queen but now that I need one I can't find one!

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions? 




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A few suggestions:

1.) I prefer the nail bat over the sledgehammer simply because it is easier and quicker to wield. When I play I keep one or two on my character at all times because it is highly effective in close quarter combat or just clearing a path free of zombies.

2.) When I first fought the Sarge, I had great success by using the six-shooter from the deranged security guard over in the part of the mall still under construction.

I've found a few videos on youtube, but it looks like everyone ran straight to sarge first. My mission timer is almost out. I wish I had saved in a different slot now ;-)

Thanks for the tip though. I'll see if I can get a bat an nails nearby...

pain killer and laser sword is all you need... and if you cant get the girl back to the safe house drive the hummer down there then get her to the sports car.... this game is not  hard

Just because it's easy for you doesn't mean it's easy for everyone.

tres true... i am a dead rising  master im ranked 233 on Deadrising 2 (TIR) and 195 on deadrising 1....

[quote user="Florida 2 LEGlT"]

tres true... i am a dead rising  master im ranked 233 on Deadrising 2 (TIR) and 195 on deadrising 1....


you're also a master at modding achievements too.

I still haven't been able to beat Boykin AND return rebecca back to the safe house.

I fear i may have to use an older save game.... waaaaay older :(

Hello BlackAdder,

The fight against Sgt Boykin is one of te harder ones (i hated the cook in my first playthrough)

the combination painkiller / Quick Steps and the laser sword are a very good for this challenge (i prefer the laser sowrd as weapon against most of the psychopathes)

have you unlocked the short cut in the pallisades mall?

Easiest and fastes way with rebecca is through the maintenance exit upstairs (near the save point), then you are in pallisades mall, go upstairs, use the short cut and you might be in time.

if this doesn´t work maybe i can assist you coop.



Thanks Barney. I'll have to give that a try. So far I've tried going up the ramp outside and making my way back but there's just too many zombies and not enough time for me to slug my way through them.

I didn't think to try the shortcut. I'll try that this week, but I may hit you up for some help :-D