Help with Sequence 4...

I'm in Sequence 4, I've recruited the Thieves, Courtesans, and Mercenaries, and I've infiltrated the Castle.  I've met with Leonardo (got the dual wrist blades) and he told me about the gun and blueprints.  I can see a memory start point down in the Southwest part of the map, but it's past the dotted line area where I can't go, past the ghost-like barriers.

I destroyed all the Borgia towers that I can access, the only ones I haven't are still beyond the barriers.  What am I missing?  What do I need to do to get to that memory start point.  I can't complete sequence 4 until I can.

Please help!


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Ok, I've tried going to that memory start point from the west, and from the north.  I read on that I may have to just follow the ghost-barrier "around" until I get to it... can someone confirm this?

I had problems in most memories with this kind of thing. You just need to make sure there's nothing you're missing. For me it might have been something as silly as a further chat with Leo or perhaps a visit back to the hideout. Just clear up any possible misses. It's so annoying, I know!

Just go back to your hideout, Machiavelli should be waiting for you there, if I recall correctly. If that isn't the case, then simply go visit La Volpe over at thieves guild and memory should finish up and let you continue on.

I got it figured out.  I had done everything I needed to, I was just heading towards the marker from the wrong direction so I was encountering the barriers.  I had to head south more before I could go east towards the memory start point.