Help with "Aqua Incognita" and "Territorial" Achievements! Beginning here!

Aqua Incognita - Play at least one non-private match on each downloadable content map.

Territorial - Win a non-private match in each of the 6 new maps.


The problem with these achievements is the fact it is so hard to find people who have the maps. There are plenty of people who have the maps, but due to the fact there is no DLC-only Playlist, the maps are rarely played due to a handful of non-DLC players. This is disappointing because it'll be a very hard attainable achievement without actually setting up a team with the maps. So,...


Inbox me on XBOX LIVE letting me know you'd like to join in the quest for these two achievements. We're looking for people with the DLC Maps! Thanks


100% Completion on BIOSHOCK

Not 100% Completion on BIOSHOCK 2 :(


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Would rather just find these map's and win on them which is pretty easy if you just go kill boosters in solo ADAM grab because those kids are terrible and all they do is hack turrets and just let you take the sister, but that's an easy way because most of them are just going for achievements so they have the map pack so just go there and kill them all and win with the sister so easy. I have played on all of them but not won just need to start finding more ADAM Grab Solo matches with boosters.

I will be gone for two weeks. However; this will offer adequete time to sum up folks who want the achievements...

I am up for it. Made it to level 15 and I think I have only played on a DLC map once.

Your doing better then I am, leveled up from low 20's to 40 and still have not seen one new map. I myself am looking for these, I would prefer to win legit  on the new maps. I also have a couple of people on my friends list look for these also. Message me and let me know if you need the help. I should be up for it on the weekend mostly.

I'll help you. I already have these achievements but I wouldn't mind just running around collecting adam and hacking everything. I'm trying to level up so if you let me do a trial to two i'll be happy. Let me know if you get a group together.

I prefer playing legit but nothing wrong with increasing the chances of them showing up. If you want add me. If they came up more often there would be no need for people to  boost and ruin it for others. I just get annoyed that companies add a MP element with achievements and do not fully support it. I usually do not buy games with too many MP achievements anymore.

I'm up for it too. It's been a great game other than the non-existent support for the Metro pack.

You should try It's awesome for boosting sessions. That was how I got the territorial achievement. Just look up the achievement, see if there is a boosting session at a convenient time for you and if there isn't you can create one and most of the time it will fill up and the players are good about being on time and staying on task. Just a thought if you're looking for more people...