Help With Mute & Online Friend Lobby.

I have two questions. The first: When I use mute in multiplayer matches I fail at it 90% of the time on defense. I usually use mute and die anyways because they were already in the process of killing me, and I didn't know it yet, or what has been happening recently is that I mute (what I think are) two people. I stun player one that I muted, but player two, right beside them, kills me, even though I am certain that I muted them. Does mute end by then? Does mute only work on one player at a time? Any help is appreciated?

Question two: When I try to set up a multiplayer lobby with friends and then try to join manhunt it never goes anywhere. We sit in a lobby. Recently the only way that I can play with friends is to highlight their name and wait for a very long time until X to join pops up. With three players, and the increased activity recently, it makes this almost impossible for us to all join. Any fixes? Anything I can do differently?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks. 


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First of all mute is most effective when you use it when your pursuer is 2-3 feet from you. Mute last 3 seconds I think, but you can customize it so it last longer. When you have multiple pursuers, the smoke bomb is a better choice.

To be sure to start a game with friends it's always better to have 4 of your friends because most of the games required this amount of players to play. I tried it with my friend and when we were only two we couldn't get into any matches..

Well, I did some research in crafting, and with full duration mute now lasts 2 seconds. That's not much time. I was trying to do too much during that time period. I'm getting better with mute, but I still fail more than I succeed. 

As to using the lobby with friends I still don't really know what to do. I would have thought that Ubi would have learned with Brotherhood's online mode, but they really didn't One year is not enough time to polish all parts of a game like this.  

yeah I know the matchmaking is still need a bit of work, it's tough to get into a match with friends. Mute is for a quick surprise attack, I never stunned two pursuers with mute, it's almost impossible except if one of your pursuer has no idea what the *** he's doing :)