help with extra create a class slots

hey all, I am thinking about buying the extra class slots pack, but is it worth it and wat benefits can it give me? I doubt ill use many of them unless u guys can give me good reason to, the reason im thinking about buying them is because 10 slots isn't enough, because I have 2 setups for the same weapon in most cases, then the 1 I use depends on what kind of map is next, but is it worth buying?


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You only can use 10 slots. You get 10 class sets. You can only enter a game with a set that you pick. You can have sets set up for different game modes. I was under the impression I'd go from 7 classes to 10 classes instantly, which didn't happen. And I can't load in the game with more than 10 classes either. I don't see how it could possibly be a waste though. It's only 160 points. You get like 20 or 32? emblem save spots and 40 file share spots, as well.

thanks dude, how many of the class sets do you personally actually use?

None haha. I have 100 different classes I can use but I'm good with my original 10 (1st class set). I only play TDM and S&D, though. I'm sure some people have made good use of it. I only have to change a couple things to change between whatever game mode I'm going to play. I like the extra fileshare spots and all that other stuff. It's super cheap.

I use 7. gun challenges, game modes, knife only etc

I use ~ 4 sets.

1) play-style (e.g. defense, stealth, anti-air, etc.).

2) favorite weapons.

3) unusual classes (usually just random ideas that pop into my head).

4) challenging classes (e.g., classes that use primary knife, ksg, crossbow, ballista w/iron sights, etc.).