Help with Crysis One (SPOILERS)

Anyone completed Crysis One? I am stuck on the section where you are on the aircraft carrier and the big alien has landed on it after the nuke strike. I have the gun that you have to 'tag' the target with but I don't know how to 'tag' anything!?? In Crysis 2 you press the X with the visor but this doesn't work. I've heard that you just use the visor but that doesn't work for me either! Suggestions?



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Destroy the turrets that are firing at you. After that, defend the helicopter so she can weaken the ships armor allowing to firing nukes at key locations

Thanks, Sword Style but how do you use the gun that requires a lock on?

You can't just run around shooting it because you feel like it. You have to wait until they take out the shield with the chopper, then they will give you the green light

Ah - got it! Sorry - thought I could....oops....thanks for your help! Done it now!! AND finished the whole game!